VERSION 5 WILL COME SOON. SORRY FOR THE DELAY. Working on creating a guide on how to perform like a beast from 0-5m 5-15m 15-25m etc. STAY TUNED ! 🙂
—————— Quick Update March 10th 2012 ——————————-

First you should read the EAI PM guide that I wrote. https://streetelf.wordpress.com/2012/01/20/empire-avenue/

Some insights on the new EAI PM guide ( That will include steps depending on your netwealth. Is it 5 , is it 10 ? is it 30 ? is it more ? )

Every morning you should be getting the top section of this url: http://dr-dittrich.de/eav/topnew.html ( All of them. Forget the buy back until you build more netwealth ) If you are below 10m netwealth this is for you if you are over 10m this is also what you should be doing before anything.

Once it’s done. Clear your sliders. Check everything. Yield , Growth , Activity etc.

Go as far as you can. It’s not because they are green that they are good investments to keep.

Now. Go to recent arrivals and get the ones with a picture and a good growth. http://empireavenue.com/search/recent

Still got money ?

Go to http://dr-dittrich.de/eav/rec.html invest in the best active yield stocks Ticker Share Price < Dividend Average.

Ok now you are out of money.

Do missions. ( http://empireavenue.com/missions ) Be active. Engage. Do all the tasks ppl ask. If they are not for you just go for another mission.

With that money , do not buy back ! Go back to http://empireavenue.com/search/recent and get top recent arrivals.

The day after. Repeat the process. Stay Tuned. The new EAI PM is going to blow your mind 🙂 Will be released asap.

———————————- Here is the old guide below ————————

Thanks for all the feedbacks & the support from the real Empire Avenue Brains. Feel free to send me your comments by sending me a message on Facebook.

To celebrate Version 4, EAI PM Community awaits you ! This is a secret & private community. You can either message me on Empire Avenue or on Facebook, and I will get you in. This is an exclusive group.

Come Celebrate with us and have some great fun.

EAI PM is a ( 770+ members ) community that I created on Jan 12th. oriented into Helping their members with their questions and fully express themselves in all kind of ways, videos, blogs, etc. Please note that :

We do allow Self Promotion there on a daily basis. Everyday you can post your ticker, shareprice and dividends if you feel like it, just need to remove the embbed link so it doesn’t take to many place in the channel and facilitate others to browse the community for eventual investments occasions. You can also promote your blogs, videos & others.

We are working on new features and options (Never SEEN in ANY EAV FB Communitys)  to ensure a fun factor 24|7.


Empire Avenue Investments & Portfolio Management Guide – Version 4 –

Updated Jan 27th 2012.

I made this guide to help you manage your portfolio properly. Feel free to share it anywhere.
Please note that this guide is not a * Social Media * guide. And this is not a guide to increase your dividends. It’s an Investment guide. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have about this guide & or points that you think that should be in the guide & or to retype the guide in order to make it more understandable ( You may not know but english is not my first language ). I will try to update it afterwards & make a better guide in a near future.

Thanks for understanding.

PS: Please note that I will be using random numbers in the exemples that will be shown here.
-Please note that I will be using the term Ticker unstead of someone’s name. We are only talking about numbers.

1. What is ROI? Roll over Investment. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Return_on_Investment )

On Empire Avenue the purpose of making an investment is obviously to increase your portfolio netwealth by doing wise investments.

2. What is Netwealth? The total value of your portfolio including Netwealth from Luxuary Items. – Every Tickers that you bought are being added to each other to make a total value. You will notice that when you refresh your Ticker thru F5 or refresh your netwealth numbers change. Each Ticker does his own part ‘ I will be explaining this further on.
Wondering how to see what is your real netwealth ? Go there: http://www.empireavenue.com/profile/money/
Netwealth = All the tickers in your portfolio. Luxuary Netwealth = Netwealth made from Luxuary Items. Both are added to create the virtual Netwealth on your profile.

3. There are multiple types of Tickers.

Recent Arrivals: These are the recent Tickers that just arrived on the Avenue. They can be new & or people coming back after taking a break of the avenue. You can browse them here: http://www.empireavenue.com/search/recent

-> Their value starts @ 10.0. It is very hard to catch them at 10.0 because some Tickers do use bots ( Automated programs ) to auto buy every single recent arrivals & or are sitting in front of their screen constantly refreshing the page to catch them as soon as they come.

-> I do not suggest getting all of them. I will be explaining why further on.


Get all Recent Arrivals that has a picture. ASAP. If you can’t get them fast enough look for the numbers next to the 10.0 , if it’s the first one on the list and it’s already at +3 Get It ! And if it’s over +5 and it’s recent ( by recent let’s say the first 10Tickers )  Usually the Result will be a good growth.

If you see some Recent Arrivals without a picture look at the growth, it’s usually a sign that’s it is a good one. ( Some people do spend a lot of time opening all the tickers , checking the connections numbers and such )

If you want to go further and do a deep Recent Arrivals search, Click on the Facebook, Twitter account, If you see that the person got a lot of friends, and a lot of followers it’s another sign of a potential growth & even success on the Avenue.

You can also get a detailed list for many recent arrivals ( yield , shareprice, dividends )  that is often updated here: http://dr-dittrich.de/eav/topnew.html

Portfolio Management Tip. ( Max out in the Recent Arrivals that are not Recent Arrivals anymore – After 7 days – )

Wondering how to keep tracks of your great recent arrivals investments and get the other 400 shares missing ? Well here is one great trick. Filter your portfolio by dividends. Press next until you see the first 200 shares. Check out the dividends history and the last div. Try to get more shares. You could be surprised of the shareprice|divs. And those are meant to grow drastically when they do have the yield. It will give you profit from the sudden massive growth & dividends overtime.

The others:

Go on anyone’s profile, check the bottom left of it, you will see when they joined. It will give you an idea on how they perform.

-> Let’s say someone that joined a year ago that has only a 5m netwealth really don’t know how to make their portfolio fully efficient. Either because they are lazy & will justify themselves by saying things such as * I am connecting with people * I don’t go
with ROI * I am a social person * All that is delusion. You can do all these points while still manage to have a properly managed portfolio.

4. How to make good investments.

The best ways to increase your daily investment earnings & your portfolio netwealth are the following.

4.a) Yield. Your Number 1 Priority should be to own anyone on Empire Avenue with a Yield over +1 before going to another level such as .90% yield .80% yield etc. Eventually you will run out of Yields over +1 that is why.

What does it mean to have a Yield over +1 ? Ticker share price < Dividend average.

Please note that there is still a few exceptions. Will be explaining why further on.


-> 50 SharePrice ? 1.00 divs average? This is a Yield of 1.5% go get it now. ( This is unlikely to happen tho )
-> 80 Shareprice ? .95 divs average. Get it Now !
-> 200 Shareprice ? 2.28 divs average? Get it Now !

4.b) Growth. Some Tickers may not have a decent Yield BUT they do have the Growth.


-> 150 share price 1.30 divs BUT you can see that that Ticker is constantly growing due to a few factors:

Why are they growing?

_  Huge number of Empire Avenue Actions = Buying a lot of Tickers on Eav. Sometimes in 1 shot. Sometimes in 600 buying 1 share at a time. ( I do not suggest buying 1 share of everyone at a time even thought it could bring an increase of 80% of people buying you back . but it makes other people pissed. Some may leave a shout on your wall and be like. Get the whole thing or I will block you – that’s what I do if someone starts to exagerate. Because after a while it gets annoying & I do not encourage spamming and harassing anyone to buy you back thru massive buys & shouts. )

-> Some Tickers may simply have a huge netwealth and a huge daily income from their investments
and that will force them to make a lot of buys. Most people knows that they should ( and they should. ) Spend every single eaves available in their bank account at any given time.

_ Yield over +1. Obviously. That will attract everyone. You get the daily investment earning from the Ticker + The profits from the growth everytime someone buys the ticker.

_ Visibility & or Popularity. Some people are very active in communities in either Empire Avenue Communities / Facebook Communities etc. Or will simply post a daily / weekly / monthly shout to all their shareholder’s in order to have them reach their maximum shares. They usually hide that fact by just shouting things such as * Have a good day * , * Happy new year * , and such. In no way should you be influenced by these. You should only be influenced by the numbers as stated before.

_ Sudden Change of dividends provided , much over the div average that is displayed on their profile. You may have noticed , or not, that when you are filtering some people portfolio by gainers & or filtering a list, that some tickers , no matter their shareprice or Empire Avenue actions etc.. got a huge boom , and their shareprice are skyrocketting.If you want to understand why, or check what’s going on, I suggest to press the Buy and simply put 1 share and check what was the last dividend , you don’t have to buy it to check the last dividend Please note that sometimes a Ticker can also grow suddenly because it actually just came back on the Avenue )

5. What are your options to manage your portfolio – and do investments – on a daily basis – in order to have a good portfolio ?

-> Please note that your portfolio is a reflection of yourself. If you have a bad portfolio. Some People will know that you are not fully understanding Empire Avenue. It doesn’t matter if you are popular or not. It will still show that you have problems managing your portfolio & or that you are not into wise investments = you are a noob basicly.

5a) Do wise investments.

_ There is a few tools that will help you to do wise investments based on what was stated before in my guide.

> Empire Avenue Research http://earesearch.wordpress.com/

PROS: User Friendly. Click a Ticker and it opens in another window. It shows ROI over 7/14/21 days. You can sort the tickers by yield. It also show if a Ticker is either * Veterans ( old ) * Pro ( not that old ) etc.

CONS: Limited database. It’s great to find top yield’s Ticker’s. But it’s still limited ( not all Tickers are there )

> Dittrich Crawler: http://dr-dittrich.de/eav/rec.html

-> A crawler is a worm that goes to players portfolio & thru recent arrivals in order to make a list.

PROS: Biggest EAV database that I know. It shows how many day the Ticker was on the avenue. It shows the yield. It’s definetly a must for any empire avenue player.

5b) Always consider as many factors as you can ( even more than the ones stated below ) before you sell & or buy a Ticker.

_ Empire Avenue Actions: That means the Ticker is active on Empire Avenue. If you see 1 Empire Avenue action for exemple. It doesn’t mean that the Ticker bought a Ticker. It could also mean that a Ticker reached any given achievement. Such as reaching a specific number of tweet ( 25000 ) or a x Netwealth etc.

_ Dividend history: When you browse your own Ticker’s portfolio, it will show on the bottom left –


-> You hold 200 shares of this Ticker: 100 share price. 1.15 dividend average. Last dividend paid out 150 eaves. That Means that he provided a yield of .75%. But if you check the div history you may notice that it’s only for a day and that it usually pays out well over 1 yield. You can also check the growth, Actions on networks etc.

6. How to manage your portfolio on a daily basis beside investements.

> Sort your portfolio by sliders. It will show signs that something goes wrong in your portfolio because some are starting to sell the Ticker because it either:

Reached the yield of +1. People noticed that a Ticker share price is way to much under the Yield (Shareprice > Dividend Average). and are starting to massively sell it.
& or Other reasons such as, player said he’s quitting, or he’s going on vacation etc.

Take in consideration all the factors stated above in the previous points 1 to 5 and start selling. Then do wise investments as stated above.

> Go in the green side of your portfolio. Check as many ticker as you can let’s say under +1 growth ( depending the time you have to filter your portfolio ) . And again go thru all the factors stated above. ( Yield – Dividends History – Growth – Activitys ) After a while it will take you half a sec to decide if you want to keep or sell a Ticker. It looks bigger than it is really.

7. Mission Guide.

The main objective of doing wise investments is to make money right ? Well here is an other important part you should be doing everyday. Missions. You can do them here: http://www.empireavenue.com/missions There is 2 tabs, Portfolio and Global. Do all your portfolio’s missions.You will notice that you will get blocked from doing missions after doing something like 5 missions. Wait 20 minutes. Do it again. It’s a very good way of earning a LOT of money on Empire Avenue. In the Global Tab. You should only do the ones that state 2k-5k-10k and more.

TIP: Get 1 share of the person, take your reward. Now. Go to your portfolio, browse your portfolio by Purchased Time, check what was the last dividend he paid out , he could be another great investment to have in your portfolio. If his yield, growth , and activitys are not there, well just sell the 1 share if you want. Unless you know that he will do missions often then keep it.

8. How to spot and report Cheaters. ( Such as the current bots that catch all the recent arrivals )

Please Note that we reported the ‘Cheaters’ already and that an update is coming soon to improve bots detection. There is multiple types of ‘Cheaters’.

The Network Cheater. The ones that has an incredible amount of blogs, facebook, fanpage, tweets that are all from automatic sources and being uploaded at any time of the day. Please note that this one is a little bit harder to catch because as long as there is interaction on the networks, it is allowed unless it’s copyrighted stuff.
The Bot users. Very easy to spot. Catch every single Recent Arrivals at any time of the day 24 hrs | 7. ( Go to the Ticker profile, click on the Empire Avenue ( unstead of ALL ) and check their Empire Avenue actions.
The others: That I am not aware of, but Brad Grier told me there is other kind of bots as well.

How to report them ?

Go to http://empireavenue.com/support/ then fill a support ticker & on the Ticker profile page, click the Connections Tab. Scroll down to the blogs, click on Report Abuse, select a reason type a description of the problem and send it. If after a while you still don’t have any answer. You can send a message to Brad Grier on fb and tweet @eav_support etc.if you don’t have any answers, Brad will usually give a proper feedback & follow up.


Please excuse any details I forgot. They may be added further on. Remember this is only Version 4.

I hope this will help many of you understand how to make wise investments ( and more ) on Empire Avenue.



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